Les funk’Occaz

Les funk’Occaz

Les prix indiqués sont HORS TAXES.




CALREC Stunning vintage M series in beautiful condition. The closest thing to a vintage Neve or API at a fraction of the price. Compact, powerful, Musical. 24-8-2; 5 aux/2 echo sends. Masses of facilities. 5 band eq and filters. Full spec on request. Beautiful looks and great sound. Appelez
SOUNDCRAFT Series 6000 32/24 console with patch. Serviced 4020 €
SSL Stunning late 4048G+ Special Edition Totally over hauled. Stunning condition inside and out. TR, Machine control, Ultimation, LH Patch. Appelez
SSL 4032G+. Extremely well maintained. RH.Patch. VU. TR. Appelez


ADAM S3A monitors 1380 €
API 550A 3 band eq. 865 €
  6 slot lunchbox/power supply. 405 €
CRANE SONG STC8. One of my favourite limiters/compressors. 2870 €
EMT Tube plates; two left! 4531€
HOHNER Clavinette. Scruffy but restrung and serviced 1131€
JDK 8MX2;from the makers of API, this cute little number is a top quality 8-2 mixer with aux in a handy 1U package. 1585 €
JOEMEEK SC3 stereo comp/limiter 510 €
MANLEY VARI-MU side chain mod. 2040 €
MILLENNIA STT1 Dual topology (tube and solid state) channel strip. Serviced 1583 €
PATCHBAYS Lots; Bantam, GPO, etc;PTO600C Appelez
RETRO Doublewide 500 series tube limiter. NEW; ONE ONLY 1120 €
RME ADI 648 Mk 2 digital interface 340 €
ROGERS LS3/5aclassic small two way monitors 1017€
UNIVERSAL AUDIO Twin Finity 710 mic preamp 510€
UREI LA22 stereo compressor 510€


AKG C28B original tube mic. The best value in original tube mics 1925 €
AKG C12A NuVistor Tube mics. Two available. 2835 €ea
GEFELL/NEUMANN CMV 563 sus mount, cables, capsules and PSU. Flightcased. Serviced 3400 €
MANLEY Reference Gold multipattern tube mic. Serviced 2835 €
NEUMANN Original U87P48 classic. Serviced. Sounds lovely 2610 €
SOUNDFIELD ST250 stereo mic kit. Serviced 1360€

Et toujours les meilleurs offres sur l’audio pro incluant : AKG, Beyer, BAE, API, Manley, SSL, Neumann, Flea, Retro, ATC, PMC, Drawmer, Dave Smith, Moog et bien d’autres …Sans oublier la conception & réalisation de tout vos câblages & patchs

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